How BTS Jimin reatcted when he saw a fainted fan at BTS concert.

The reaction of Jimin when he saw a fainted fan at BTS  2018 concert  grabbed many people’s attention.


Last October 3rd, concert video clip is uploaded on twitter. In video taken by  a fan, Jimin can be seen stopping his performance and watching over the fainted fan with worries.
Jimin also crouching down and continuously looking at the fan. Shortly after he received an “OK” sign that indicating the fan was okay from staff members,  Jimin returned to his performance and re-concentrate on the last song of the concert.


Translation : Jimin suddenly looked stiff and gazed one point for a while, so I was wondering what’s going on. It seems that there’s an fainted ARMY at standing area. Our angel returned after checking the status concluded safely.


Not only his appearance and talent, but also his sweet caring attracts people’s heart. Other Youtube clip also highly viewed and may ARMY were touched Jimin’s gesture.



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