Marvel Future Fight: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom
Uniform Modern
Side Super Villain
Leader Skill Apply to: All Allies

Activation Rate: when debuffed

Remove all Debuffs.(12 Sec.)

Cooldown Time 20 seconds

Team Passive
Gender Male
Allies ?
Base Tier Tier-2
Biometrics Ruler of Latveria in Epic Quest: First Family
Custom Gear

CTP of Authority

CTP of Destruction

Guard Break Immunity, Recovery Rate↑, Invincible

Guard Break Immunity, Recovery Rate↑, Increase damage


Set Bonus

Hawk’s EyePower of Angry Hulk


Etc [Tier-2 Passive Skill]Applies to: self

Increases Skill damage by 25% and increases Bonus Damage by 12%.

50% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, SHIELD, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIVLE effect.

Super Armor, All Defenses +25%↑


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