Marvel Future Fight: Weapon Hex

Weapon Hex
Uniform Infinity Warps
Side Super Hero
Leader Skill Apply to: All Allies

Dodge Rate increases by +6%.

Decreases Debuff Duration by 24%.

Team Passive [Rank 4 Passive Skill]

Apply to: All Allies

Summon an illusion with 50% of the summoner’s stats.

Cooldown Time 3 seconds

Gender Female
Allies Mutant
Base Tier Tier-1
Biometrics 20 X-Genes Daily
Custom Gear

Recovery Rate↑, Invincible

Guard Break Immunity, Recovery Rate↑, Invincible


Set Bonus

Hawk’s Eye

Power of Angry Hulk


Etc [Rank 4 Passive Skill]

Activation Rate: when HP is below 99%

Applies to: Self

5% recovery of Max HP. (1 Sec.)

Cooldown Time 1 second




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