Marvel Future Fight: Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer
Uniform Infinity Warps
Side Super Hero
Leader Skill Apply to: All Allies

Decreases Skill Cooldown by 24%.

+15% increase of Energy Attack.

Increases Lightning Damage by +15%.

Team Passive
Gender Male
Allies Alien
Base Tier Tier-1
Biometrics Selector: Biometrics
Custom Gear

Lightning Damage↑, (Recovery Rate↑), Increase damage

Lightning Damage↑, (Recovery Rate↑), Invincible


Set Bonus

Hawk’s Eye

Power of Angry Hulk


Etc [Tier-2 Passive Skill]

Increases Skill damage by 32% and increases Bonus Damage by 15%.

Increases Lightning Damage by 40%.

Super Armor, All Defenses +5%↑




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