Marvel Future Fight: Comic Card Guide for beginners

In this article we will learn about comic cards in mff.


The sub-stats for the equipped cards will apply to all Characters so the cards are very important.

Skill Cooldown Duration

If you are a beginner then you should focus on making skill cooldown duration decrease to 30~36%. The skill cooldown duration decrease makes your characters to use skills more often. It means you can use invincible or non-target skills more frequently and it will help you survive.


However some character stats have limits so exceeded stats are not applied. For example the limit of cooldown duration reduce is 50.0%. My Fantomex’s REDUCE COOLDOWN DURATION is 55.30% but maximum value is 50.0%. So the remaining 5.30% is ignored. So we don’t have to make character’s cooldown duration decrease above 50%.


Alliance at level 30 gives you “Decrease Skill Cooldown by 14%” effect. So Ideally skill cooldown by 14% from alliance bonus and skill cooldown by 36% from comic cards make your character’s reduce cooldown duration 50%. However some character’s gears and ISO-8 set bonus can give you additional skill cooldown decrease:


Fantomex’s 4th gear has skill cooldown decrease stat and it can’t be changed.

(Skill Cooldown Decrease +1128 means 5.64%)


Some ISO-8 set bonus like Hawk’s Eye has cooldown duration decrease stat. If you have enough gold and don’t want the stat then you can change ISO-8 set to have set bonus without skill cooldown duration. For example there is no skill cooldown decrease in Overdrive and Power of Angry Hulk set bonus.

For these reasons it is recommended to make skill cooldown duration in comic cards to 30~36%.


Comic Card

Comic cards have fixed option and random options. For instance LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #17 card’s rank1 option is fixed option and is ALL ATTACK increase. Its rank2 option is also fixed option and is COOLDOWN DURATION decrease. Its rank3 ~ rank6 options are random option and it is randomly decided.


Available options in Rank3 Random option is CRITICAL DAMAGE increase, MIND RESIST increase, MAX HP increase, IGNORE DEFENSE and DODGE increase. Some bonus are useful but some bonus are useless.


LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #17 card is really good card because it has two good fixed options and it is easy to acquire. You can get the cards in Dimension Rift – Chitauri Invasion(Loki).


Now Let’s look at STAR-LORD #2 card. Its first and second options are fixed option. But the options are not skill cooldown decrease. Is the card bad?


The STAR-LORD #2 card’s 4th availale random options have COOLDOWN DURATION decrease and it is also easy to acquire. The cards can be acquired in Dimention Rift – Homecoming(Yondu).


So find your cards with cooldown duration decrease option and equip them to have 30~36% cooldown decrease bonus from Comic Card.




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