Marvel Future Fight : How to farm Gold

Here I will summarize how to farm Gold in MFF.


Best way to earn gold is :

1. Co-op play

2. Daily mission

3. Villain siege

4. Alliance battle

5. Dimension rift

6. World Boss Invasion(wbi)

7. Cheer for the Winning Alliance


Details are noted below.


1. Co-op play.

Get your progress to 100% to acquire a reward. Since I’m VIP LV1 the second slot for VIP LV1 is opened and it is always gold. If you are VIP VL0 then the only first slot would be opened. The first slot is sometimes gold but not always gold.


So I recommend you to buy TONY STARK’S STASH($3.99) to achieve VIP LV1 to get more gold. If you acheive VIP LV1 the lv is retained.


In addition you need to make more heros at lv40 or higher and rank 4 or higher to get more gold. This is because gold reward varies with the owned hero bonus and the bonus has something to do with heros at rank 4 or higher.


Owned hero bonus 1 : 1~20 (gold reward is about 80k)

Owned hero bonus 2 : 21~40 (gold reward is about 160k)

Owned hero bonus 3 : 41~60 (gold reward is about 240k)

Owned hero bonus 4 : 61~80 (gold reward is about 320k)

Owned hero bonus 5 : 81~100 (gold reward is about 400k)

Owned hero bonus 6 : 101~ (gold reward is about 480k)


As you can see I got about 480k gold reward since I have owned hero bonus6.

I’m able to earn at leat 3 million gold through co-op play.


2. Daily Mission

If you clear 2 daily missions for gold & exp chip you can make 500k gold per day. Since we always suffer from gold shortage we need to clear mission for gold & exp chip. Do not clear missions for ISO8 & Norn stones and M’kraan shard if possible.


3. Villain siege

You should clear 3 villain siege of different difficulty to make gold.

Please refer to above pictures for the reward.


4. Alliance battle

You can make gold by playing alliance battle. There are two mode, normal and ultimate, in alliance battle. The ultimate mode is opened when you clear normal mode.


5. Dimension rift

First completion reward for dimension rift is 300k.  A progress bar on the rift dimension fills as missions are run. The higher the level of mission clear, the more percentage points are added to the progress bar. Clearing the level 60 mission increase the progress bar 3.4%. So it is required to clear 30 times to make progress bar reach 100%. It needs cooperation to get the rewards.


6. World boss invasion

By participating World Boss Invasion we can get some gold.


You can acquire supply chests after defeating boss.


Chests usually give small gold.


7. Cheer for the Winning Alliance

We also can farm gold just by cheering for the winning alliance.

Before starting alliance tournament of the week, we can select and cheer an alliance for the winning alliance.


Rewards differ depending on the rank of the alliance you cheered and the cheer ratio. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. You just need to push few buttons and it doesn’t require gold.




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